Strategy pages give you everything you need to get started on spending dollars more effectively. Each page has detailed actions you can take to make progress on transforming your state education agency’s (SEA) approach to education spending.

Clearly Define Evidence

Defining “evidence” ensures that grantees know what criteria programs must meet to be “evidence-based” and allows SEAs to score proposals against those criteria.

Prioritize Evidence

Prioritizing evidence ensures that SEAs invest a greater proportion of government grant dollars in the programs most likely to improve outcomes.

Define Desired Outcomes

Defining and communicating a grant program’s priority outcomes allows the SEA and grantees to strategically fund activities that will help them achieve the program’s goals.

Build Evidence through Evaluations

A well-designed program requires ongoing evaluation for the SEA to gauge its effectiveness and to use what it learns to improve programs and inform future investments.

Advance Equity in Grantmaking

SEAs can promote equity in a number of ways through grantmaking, including by engaging with grantees and communities throughout grant design.